2017 Update..

Happy New Year!
Thank you for your ongoing support and for making 2016 the most successful year for us so far, we are currently taking a break from live shows to focus on recording material for a new EP and plan to return to the stage in the spring of 2017.
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About Us

Thornes is a NYC based hard rock “power trio” with “a sound that defy’s their size”   the line up comprises  Antoinette Michael Thornes Lead Vocals, rhythm guitar and piano, Steve Steele: Bass/Backing Vocals and Randy Satarsky: Drums/Backing Vocals

Antoinette started this rock project as a solo artist with her first album “Issues” (available on  iTunes and via the store tab) the band’s line up solidified over time and two singes “Mary” and “Empty Handed” followed.

Thornes latest song and video  release is “Lip Service” and the band are about to enter the studio to record new material for a physical release early in 2017.
With a powerful voice, heavy rock guitars, solid song writing and great stage shows, Thornes makes for a beautiful marriage of the old and the new with the sounds of primal rock’n’roll at its finest!



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